Our Process

Our donors are mostly USA based. They are friends, family and friends of friends. We are also expanding to donors outside of this circle. You can sponsor a family for $70.00 a month, or pair up with a friend for $35.00 each. We ask for recurring payments to be setup for 3 months at a time

The following grocery items are included in each month’s grocery. We provide enough to last an entire month.

Rice, Flour, Oil, Tea, Red and Yellow Lentils, Black Beans, Tea, Sugar, Powdered Milk, Spices (salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder, etc), Vegetables, including Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Onions, Surf cleaning detergent.

The needy we pick are known to either my family personally, or they are recommended by friends and family. Some families are recommended on behalf of a family we currently support. We try to pick families that make below a certain income per month, or families that cannot be supported under a sole bread winner. They are extremely poor, and cannot afford proper meals.  
We partner with a local CSD supermarket (army run superstore). We provide them with the number of families we expect to support that particular month. We pay them the Rs 7000 or $70.00 each month for each family. They in turn provide us with a prepaid voucher in that amount. We hand out this voucher to the families we support, and they exchange the voucher in return for their pre ordered grocery items. My father and treasurer for Feed a Family, personally oversees the transactions each month. He ensures proper handling, and distribution of goods
Ever since we started the organization, we have had an overwhelming response. We currently have families on a wait list, since we have more needy than sponsors at the moment. As soon as we find a sponsor, we take the family off the wait list and add someone to that spot